Excellent Personal Homecare Services in Woolmer Green

Lease of life Homecare is undeniably one of the most qualified players right now in the field of dom care agencies. With 24/7 support, the company has been making family and elderly life in the UK so much easier. If you’re a professional and you’ve been battling with arguments in your head about sending your parents to care homes, or entrusting their care to total strangers, this is the perfect compromise. Your parents can stay in the home they’ve worked so hard for and still receive prompt and highly qualified treatment. The care team of Lease of Life has been trained to assist elderly clients who are suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, or cerebral palsy.

The company also has the best multi-sclerosis care in the country. Now, there’s no reason for you to choose between your career and the safety and health of your parents because this leading domicialiary care provider can let you have both. We believe you deserve to live the life you’ve always wanted. If your parents are still strong, but have suffered an injury or a disease which disables them from fending for themselves, Lease of Life also offers support on a daily basis.

While you’re out of your home, or while your parents are recovering from their ailments, our expert team of care providers can do simple errands for them like shopping or picking up prescription medicines. The care also extends to domestic housekeeping if necessary. Have you been looking for this kind of treatment in HERTS all your life? Do you have family members who don’t fall under the elderly category but who would need similar support? We also provide private health care to clients over 18 years old. Call us now. We’re always here to support you.

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  • “Thank you for your help with Mum and Dad”
    Best Wishes

  • “Lease of Life Home Care are a really people friendly company and do exactly what they promise. I would certainly recommend them. ”

    Derek C.
  • ”Thank you again for working magic for us.”

  • ”I would say that Joan and ourselves are very happy with the service you provide and i assure you that, should there be any problem, we would be in touch”

    Lynn N.