Why choose us ?

Why choose Lease of Life Home Care as your private care provider:

The manager tells us:

“We are a family owned business so we can offer our services comfortable in the knowledge that we treat our clients very well, with a personal and dedicated approach, proving care to people who are privately funding their service or are funded by Direct Payment. We are not part of a large organisation or a franchise network.

Lease of Life Home Care has been running for over nine years. As a team we pride ourselves on our dedicated approach to making peoples lives easier. The carers that work for Lease of Life Home Care are given clients on a daily basis, this means that you get the same team of carers day in day out seven days a week.

I say team as a lot of people have a lot of care more than one visit a day seven days a week. You will get to know your team and the times that they arrive will suit your needs. Each client is treated as critical and no one is pushed to the back of the morning shift because they are not critical. Once you have your set time this is what you can expect every single day.

As the manager and owner of Lease of Life Home Care I have dedicated myself from day one to make sure that I have the best reliable staff and I also work out in the community to keep a close eye on all the goings on. I have a good management team round me and non of my carers are over worked!! We are flexible in areas that not all care agencies are and we are always in contact with each other if situations change at a drop of a hat.

A senior member of staff is always on duty seven days a week and all calls are taken or returned in the same hour. We have back up plans for bad weather, sickness and holiday. We communicate with all our clients and keep them up to date with any changes that might occur due to emergencies. We have a 15 minute this way or that way rule.

This is where the carer is allowed to be early or late within 15 minutes of your visits. If the carer sees herself/himself as being any later they will call ahead either direct to you or to the senior member of staff who will inform you. We always make sure that we are contactable if you have any concerns. As a team we understand the importance of reliable carers. We want to fit in around family life and be least intrusive as possible.

We are here to help and to make a difference and most importantly keeping families together. We understand that it is no ones choice to have care, some times it is unavoidable, sometimes once you have got used to us coming in to help you, you actually look forward to our visits. We can help take the strain off of daily living and do it with good humor and make you feel relaxed. We are here to help not just the vulnerable but to support other members of the family who have found themselves as main carers.

Sometimes becoming an over night carer to a loved one is a daunting experience, one that takes time to adjust to, but with the correct help and support we can all work together and make everyone’s life easier.”
Office: 01707 246 552

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