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At Lease of Life Home Care we provide private care in your own home. We have gained the trust of those who live in Welwyn, as we have provided quality care in this village for over 10 years.  We provide a good and professional home care service. We personalise the care package for each individual to make the care we provide is person centered. We provide a high standard of care for all individuals and understand the importance of continuation of care to enable you to form a bond of trust between yourself and the care worker. Our aim is to promote each individual to remain at home and live independently with our range of services.

Each carer is handpicked by Sarah the manger to make sure that the quality of staffing is maintained.

The Manager tells us:

”We all work together as a team and are in constant contact with each other. We have weekly staff meetings and drop in sessions daily. My staff is very dedicated to me and to all my service users. Staff training is ongoing and I am proud to say that they all very nearly have their level 2 qualification in care. Some of them already have passed and others have completed their level three in care. We want to make your journey into Home Care as smoothly and calmly as possible. As we can provide regular carers they learn your needs and you can feel comfortable with them. When life changes route and you need extra help to live independently we understand it can be a distressing time. We are here to support all concerned and to be as dedicated to you as you deserve”

We want to let words speak for themselves:

12/10/2014 – J. Davis Welwyn

”Dear ,Thank you for your care help services, I am most appreciative and grateful. Both David and I latter have recommended Lease Of Life Home Care to my friends and neighbors as we were so pleased with the service.”

Home Care In Welwyn  Is The best Alternative to Care Homes

Before private home care came into being, there were no viable alternatives to care homes. However, care homes started to get a bad reputation when clients and their families started to complain about the impersonal way that most clients were being treated. With funding cutbacks by government agencies, and the spiraling cost of care in this type of environment, staffing levels obviously had to suffer. This led to understaffing and too many clients to cater for. Indeed, in many instances, this was a recipe for disaster. It is not just the older generation that needs assistance. In many cases, young adults, who may have slight mental disabilities or physical restraints, may want to live independent of their parents or guardians. Places in sheltered housing may also be at a premium so the only alternative was to put them in an institution.

This does not apply these days of course since companies like ours are purpose built to take care of just about anyone. Keeping someone who needs help within their own environment serves several needs. One of these is that it keeps that person secure in their own surroundings. The elderly in particular can get quite confused when dementia is setting in so having home visits is the ideal solution. Likewise, the confidence that our clients gain by having us call in regularly is absolutely priceless. They feel completely in control of their own lives and this builds their self esteem. As we all know, depression is a terrible thing and those people who feel that they cannot cope anymore often succumb to it. By having one of our professionally trained staff visiting regularly, to help in everyday tasks like washing, dressing, shopping and general errand running etc.

most people start to look forward to the social interaction aspect of the visit. This is often enough to give them a new ‘lease of life’ – no pun intended! Lease of Life Home Care is a professional company that has been in operation for many years and we pride ourselves in giving as much attention to our clients as is necessary. It may be that adult children want their parents to be called in on a few times a day or week, or it could be that they need an assurance that their loved one will be seen on a daily basis. It is this reassuring approach that allows our company to stand out in a crowd.

Feedback: Forwarded message from: Elizabeth

”On behalf of my mum and our family –
We are very happy with the care you provide – all the carers we’ve met are kind, helpful and appear to know my mum well, she appreciates their help in managing her daily needs. Each visit is of such value to her as she lives alone – we know that the friendly company is so important to her wellbeing and request that each carer stays the full visit time.
Recently a carer found her on the bedroom floor (unharmed thankfully) – and the care coordinator was called. She contacted us and dealt with the incident calmly and professionally – following up the paramedic recommendation for a urine test. Such reassuring communication and actions for us as a family who are not on hand.
Please extend our thanks and appreciation to all carers who visit her – we are very grateful.
Thank you

Thank you for keeping us updated as she needs change including safety in the house, ”

Office: 01707 246 552

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  • “Thank you for your help with Mum and Dad”
    Best Wishes

  • “Lease of Life Home Care are a really people friendly company and do exactly what they promise. I would certainly recommend them. ”

    Derek C.
  • ”Thank you again for working magic for us.”

  • ”I would say that Joan and ourselves are very happy with the service you provide and i assure you that, should there be any problem, we would be in touch”

    Lynn N.