Top of the line Homecare Services in Burnham Green

If you’re looking for personal home care services in Burnham Green, that can be no other than Lease of Life. The company is currently leading UK’s roster of top mobile care programs for both elderly and younger adults 18 years old and up. Have you ever been injured and have had to depend on your family for every single thing? Or are your parents in their retirement ages, but you just can’t bear the thought of putting them in care homes? Lease of Life redefines independent lifestyles.

Now, you won’t have to lose your dignity when you get injured because you can actually get the private health care your need without obliging your peers or any of your busy family members to adjust their schedules for you. In the same way, your career won’t have to suffer because you need to stay at home to care for an elderly. What makes lease for life home care so different from its competition? You can reach our company anytime you need support. The service we provide includes night sits as well as day trips for the elderly and younger clients. Our care care assistants members are all trained to assist clients with cerebral palsy, Alzheimer’s, and dementia. You can also expect nothing but the best multiple sclerosis care from our care providers. Other services provided by the company include prescription pick-ups, shopping services and domestic light cleaning. With Lease of Life Home Care, you can always be assured that you’re respected.

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  • “Thank you for your help with Mum and Dad”
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  • “Lease of Life Home Care are a really people friendly company and do exactly what they promise. I would certainly recommend them. ”

    Derek C.
  • ”Thank you again for working magic for us.”

  • ”I would say that Joan and ourselves are very happy with the service you provide and i assure you that, should there be any problem, we would be in touch”

    Lynn N.