Home Care in South Mimms

Lease of Life Home Care personnel are highly trained individuals who know how to offer great service to those who are housebound. Some people may be temporarily out of action while others will have terminal illnesses that necessitate extra care in the home. Some of the conditions catered for are Alzheimer’s, dementia or cerebral palsy among others. In fact, Lease of Life Home Care has been recognized as being the best providers of assistance for multiple sclerosis.

South Mimms has finally been blessed with Lease of Life Home Care services. So successful has the company been over the UK, it is now spreading its wings, so to speak, to take in this corner of the world. Not only do we provide care for the elderly, as one would expect, we have also extended our services to take in any adult over 18’ Lease of Life Home Care also recognizes that people who are housebound also need other services apart from medical. For example, some may need grocery shopping or domestic housekeeping to be done. Prescription collection is available as is a host of other services that ensures that our clients can remain independent within their own surroundings. Add to this the round the clock care we provide, or the night sitting or day trip excursions we can organize, and one can see that we can provide just about anything for our clients. Adult children no longer have to feel burdened by their relatives because all it takes is one phone call to Lease of Life Home Care to work out a tailor made package that suits all parties concerned.

Office: 01707 246 552

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  • “Thank you for your help with Mum and Dad”
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  • “Lease of Life Home Care are a really people friendly company and do exactly what they promise. I would certainly recommend them. ”

    Derek C.
  • ”Thank you again for working magic for us.”

  • ”I would say that Joan and ourselves are very happy with the service you provide and i assure you that, should there be any problem, we would be in touch”

    Lynn N.