Private Home Care

Private Home Care Could be the Answer

What services does Lease of Life Home Care provide?
  • All personal care: Washing, showering, bathing, shaving, drying, dressing, creaming, toileting, opening of bowels, hair washing, hair drying, hair styling e.g. putting in rollers.
  • Support for people living with Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Sensory impairments, physical disability, mental health, and substance misuse health relatedproblems.
  • Incontinence pads, catheters, convenes, colostomy bags
  • Light domestic e.g. hoovering, laundry, dusting and ironing
  • Plus anything else that needs to maintain your independence at home like companionship in your home

Private Home Care Could be the Answer

Lease of Life elderly helpHome Care is a Private domiciliary care and supported living service located in Welwyn Garden City. The care service provides care workers to assist people with care in their own homes. Some of the people who use the service may experience physical disability and/or dementia to varying degrees. Type of service: Domiciliary care service, Personal care and it is Regulated by C.Q.C as an activity.

Home care may simply mean being a companion to the client and running errands or undertaking some housework that may be too heavy for them. Or, they may need their medication picked up. Laundry and ironing can be arranged too and this is all on top of services for people with things like early stage dementia or physical disabilities.

We all love to think that our parents will be strong, agile and present mentally when they get older but this is not always the case. Since we are living longer, dementia is a problem that some will have to deal with. Becoming infirm is also a possibility and if we add in young adults who may need physical support too then one can see how the problem just gets bigger. At Lease of Life Home Care our staff members are trained to understand the needs of our clients so that they can help in several ways.

Private Home Care companies have fully qualified employees or on the way to being qualified staff. This means they are trained to monitor people and note when there are significant changes. This could be improvement or deterioration and, either way, the appropriate interested parties can be kept abreast of how the situation is. In this way, the client will not suffer unduly nor will they feel as if no one cares.

The aged in the community is set to see its numbers exploding over the next few years because of the baby boomer generation reaching old age.

This, in turn, will mean that families that would once have not needed to consider taking care of parents now have the task of fitting in home care with their daily lives. It is not always possible to fit visits in at appropriate times due to family and employment commitments so this is where a Private Home Care company like Lease of Life Home Care comes into the picture. We can help you and take care in your home with washing, dressing, cleaning and shopping.

All families have to do is call Lease of Life Home Care now to see what kind of packages are available. It may only be necessary to have an operative attend the client for an hour or two a week, or it may be that the client needs twenty four hour care. Whatever is needed, we strive to ensure a perfect fit between our staff member and the client so that everyone has a rewarding and comfortable relationship.

Are in the need to get some help? We will provide the best care in your home that only Lease of Life Home Care can provide, and when our careers will visit your premises, your daily tasks will become a lot easier.

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