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At Lease of Life Home Care, we are passionate about providing the best care for your loved one. As a care agencie we offer a helping hand in the time of need by providing quality home care services and ensure your loved one is well looked after.

The past decade of providing night home care services to our clients is a testament to our dedication to giving your loved one comfort and a more peaceful period especially when you’re not around. Our well-trained staff has accumulated experience over the years and bring confidentiality, effective communication and above all trust into your home. We provide our employees with the necessary additional training updates, precision skills and have some of the best prices in town.

For us, ‘Home is where the heart is.’

Do you need someone to take good care of your Mum or Dad at night?

Caring for your loved one on a 24-hour basis and over a long period can be emotionally draining and at times very exhausting. To help you find some time to have a good nights sleep, we can help you get a night sitter.

What are night-sits?

Night sits are where a staff member is allocated to you to stay with you from 10 pm to 7 am. Night staff can support live in carers who need to sleep through the night or support family members who are in need of sleep so that they can care for their family member throughout the day. Night sits can be classed as waking or sleeping. Waking nights is when someone stays awake for the whole night and monitors the patient carefully. A sleeping night is where a staff member remains with the patient and is up a maximum of twice in the night to assist with medication or positioning or anything else that the patient may require.

How does a carer help?

Our overnight care professionals will keep you and your loved one company through the night. At your request, the night sitter is responsible for your loved one and will provide services such as:

• Assisting your loved one with toilet breaks
• Giving regular checks on your loved one as instructed
• Positioning and turning where applicable
• Administering medication at the correct times at night

With an overnight caregiver around, your loved one won’t feel lonely or be alone at home. You can be comfortable knowing that a professional and experienced caregiver is handling everything.

Palliative care

Saying goodbye to your loved one is very difficult. If your loved one’s wish is to pass away at home, our dedicated team can be there for you. Our experience with end of life care will help prop you, and your family and help you go through this challenging time.

We provide physical and mental assistance and help you and your family find comfort and respite. During this period, we provide positioning care, assist with medication and personal care. We give support through the night and reassure you, your family and your loved one as they go in and out of consciousness. At the core of our end-of-life-night care services are comfort, dignity, and support. You can also get a night sitter if you need terminal illness night care for a loved one.

How does having a carer at night work?

Our management team will schedule a visit to your home. This visit is meant to get an assessment of your loved one and the home at which care is provided. The evaluation can also be done at the hospital and the visit to the home done later on.
The value of the assessment is more to you (the client) as it helps you and the team identify the goals, scope and help you get the best out of our services.

It is essential that you have a rough picture of what services you would want us to provide. This includes specifics such as the number and specific days you would like us to provide overnight care, the length of time of visits and any personal requests and preferences.

Once everything is agreed upon, a team is assigned to you. The group comprises of several staff members whom you’ll get to know. That way, you are confident that care can be provided on any day regardless of staff holidays or absence.

Time is then scheduled, and your primary carer will arrive at your home at the agreed time.

The Night sits schedule runs from 10 pm to 7 am the following morning.
However, exceptions are available on request

What time do the carers leave?
Overnight carers typically come in at 10 pm and leave at 7 am.


Why would I need overnight care?

Taking care of your loved one for long periods of time can be exhausting.
If you need to head home, see your children, take a shower and come back the next morning, or in any other circumstances, overnight care is the best option. Terminal illness night care provides support for you and your loved one during their (your loved one) difficult period.

What if I do not need them anymore?

If you got the situation handled, give us a call, and we’ll recall the carer.

Do I get the same carer every night?

We strive for care continuation, work as a team and therefore depending on how much care you have the right number of night-caregivers will be allocated to your needs.

Are the Carers male or female, do I have a choice?

All our Carers are well trained, experienced and professional. However, male or female is at your discretion.


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