Top-of-the-line Caregiver in Knebworth Village

If you’re at your hair’s end looking for home help for the elderly in Knebworth, don’t give up just yet because Lease of Life is finally in the region. The company has been topping the dom care agencies list in the UK for a number of reasons. Lease of life homecare includes expert assistance for Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral palsy, dementia, and even multi-sclerosis care.

The company prides itself for providing expert medical support without removing elderly individuals from their homes. Now, people can retire without saying goodbye to the homes they’ve built their whole lives on. Private health care services provided by Lease of Life make sure that even if you’re well into your 80s, you can still lead a dignified and independent life. Old age doesn’t have to haunt you with nightmarish visions of dependence. In a way, it liberates the family too because your adult children won’t have to feel guilty about sending you to a care home. You can stay with your family and still get the proper support for disabilities, diseases, or injuries which naturally just come with old age. Our care team is available 24/7.

Clients can ask for private daytime care providers, or a team who can do night sits. Clients who can’t leave their homes because of their disabilities can also ask for shopping services, prescription pick-ups, and even domestic housekeeping if necessary. Best of all, the staff of Lease of Life is gentle and warm. While we do provide professional and prompt homecare services, each of our clients are dear to our hearts. Would you like to receive similar support for a younger clientele? We also provide personal home care for adult clients who are older than 18 years old. Give us a call right now and discover how we can help you make life so much easier.

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  • “Thank you for your help with Mum and Dad”
    Best Wishes

  • “Lease of Life Home Care are a really people friendly company and do exactly what they promise. I would certainly recommend them. ”

    Derek C.
  • ”Thank you again for working magic for us.”

  • ”I would say that Joan and ourselves are very happy with the service you provide and i assure you that, should there be any problem, we would be in touch”

    Lynn N.