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2018 Report:

2016 Report:

Information about quality Lease of Life Home Care Inspection Reports Carried out on 21 and 28, 31 October 2011 during a unexpected inspection

“What people told us during the inspection We sent postal surveys to people who use the service and to their main carers (a relative or friend). The responses to the surveys were consistent in detailing high levels of satisfaction with the care provided, and they painted a picture of a service that provided care that was agreed at the time it was agreed. There were a number of positive examples provided in the responses including one around the practice of sharing care information with a persons family. Everyone who completed the survey said that they were very satisfied with the care provided by the agency. One person said that the care workers were, Extremely good and very proficient. One relative was complimentary about all aspects of the service that they received. They summarised: Great care is given by most of the care workers to enhancing the demeanour of (my relative); irrespective of unusual weather conditions no visits have been missed in 2.5 years; extremely happy, reliable and trustworthy staff.”

“Care Quality Commission website statement”

Inspection Reports Carried out on 15 January 2013 during a routine inspection

”The people we spoke with said they had discussed and agreed to their care provision before they started using the service. They said they had received an assessment of their needs and felt staff were good at meeting those needs. They told us they felt safe and well cared for by a helpful and competent staff team who always knew what to do to assist them. People said they had no concerns about the service but knew how to raise concerns should they need to. During our visit we found people were provided with detailed information about consenting to their care and treatment. We saw that people received an assessment of their needs and these were updated in most cases we looked at. We found that staff were receiving supervision, completing a program of mandatory training and were knowledgeable in such things as protecting people from the risk of abuse. We found that the service had quality monitoring systems in place and people had a variety of methods available for them to share their views and opinions about the service. We noted that where actions to prevent the recurrence of incidents or changes to improve the service were required these were completed. One person said of Lease of Life Home Care: “It’s an excellent service and I have no problems at all with it.” Another person said: “I have no concerns at all about the service. They’ve been very helpful”

“Care Quality Commission website statement”