5 Top Tips to keep cool in the warmer weather

Home Care top tips in the hot weather

In Hertfordshire and all over the UK we have been experiencing some unusually hot weather the last few weeks. We have collated some simple but effective tips to keep yourself and your loved ones cool in their homes.
We could all do with some tips on how to keep ourselves cool during the hot weather but this is especially important when thinking about older people. Their bodies cannot adjust to high temperatures as well as others and are at a higher risk of being dehydrated. Prescription medication and chronic medical conditions can also affect how our bodies react to high temperatures.

Did you know that 40% of heat related deaths in the US were people over 65 years old – according to a University of Chicago Medical Center study.

• Take a rest in the shade

It is impossible to be able to do everything that you normally would when the weather is unusually high temperatures. Especially when it is sticky and muggy like it has been the last few weeks. Give yourself a rest, take a breather and sit in the shade to catch your breath in between doing things.

• Drink plenty of water

It is always important to make sure you are staying hydrated by drinking 8 glasses/ 2 litres of water every single day. This is even more important when the weather is warmer as you are at a higher risk of dehydration and heat stroke. This can also help keep away weather related headaches and drowsiness.

• Cool water instead of hot

Bath or shower in cool water rather than hot, this will stop you from overheating while washing and make you feel refreshed and clean. Use flannels to create cold compresses to place on the back o your neck and forehead if you are feeling very warm.

• Create a cool breeze

Open the windows and back door if it is safe to do so, this will help create a breeze flowing through your home. If this doesn’t help you could invest in some electric fans to keep the air lowing around you home.

• Keep the heat out

Keep the curtains closed during the day to stop the sun from shining into the house, this will help you to keep the temperature cooler throughout the day and into the evening.

What are the signs of overheating?

• Swollen ankles
• Feeling sick
• Thirstiness
• Confusion
• Feeling dizzy

What are the signs of heatstroke?

• Throbbing headache
• Lack of sweating
• Rapid shallow breathing
• Muscle weakness or cramps
• Red hot and dry skin
• Light headedness, dizziness

If you notice one or two of these symptoms and think that you or someone you are with may be experiencing overheating or heat stroke it is important that you get medical help as it can be very serious.

If you would like more advice about keeping your elderly relatives cool in the summer, please get in touch today on 01707 246 552. Our carers are all fully trained and can make sur that your loved ones are happy and healthy all year round.