Best Homecare in New Barnet

elderly help new barnetIf you live in New Barnet, you might think that it’s close to impossible to find good private health care services in the area. That might have been true a few years ago, before Lease of Life took the industry by storm. Today, the company provides the best homecare around New Barnet. It’s definitely one of the main proponents of domiciliary care in the UK. This kind of home healthcare service isn’t just for elderly individuals, either. While it started out as that, lease of life home care now includes support for clients over 18 years of age who may need close attention because of injuries or a serious ailment. The company’s vision is to give all of their adult clients a chance to live an independent and dignified life despite diseases, disabilities, old age, or injuries.

The team of care providers working under Lease of Life is an extensively trained group. They can support clients who are suffering from Alzheimer’s, cerebral palsy or dementia. Recently, the team has also been lauded for its impressive multiple sclerosis care. Among the other care services provided by Lease of Life are prescription pick-ups, domestic housekeeping, and shopping errands. If you wish to have these included in your care package, just let us know. Help yourself regain your independence by contacting us. Our mobile care crew will make sure that you get professional care very promptly.

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