Ethos and philosophy

Lease of Life Home Care believes that the following statements best describe the values within which we seek to operate on a daily basis:

We believe that each Client in our care has the fundamental right to:
· be regarded as an individual and given our special attention;
· be cared for by people like you who are capable of understanding their needs and competent to meet those needs;
· be treated equally, and no less favorable than others;
· receive respect and understanding regarding their cultural, religious and spiritual beliefs;
· receive prompt attention in relation to all of their healthcare needs;
· be safe, feel loved and always know that “someone cares”;
· be informed about all important decisions that affect them, and to have a say;
· be afforded privacy for yourself and their belongings;
· have the opportunity to think independently, and make their own choices;
· complain about anything they feel is unfair or unjust, and to have that complaint listened and responded to.